Chairman’s Statement

I take great pleasure in welcoming you to our website.

As an emerging market with huge economic potential, the economy of Myanmar has been tactically restructured and the outcomes have placed this country back on the international investment radar. The intrinsic advantages of Myanmar with respect to economic development are numerous. The country’s privileged and strategic location, especially its adjacency with China and its engagement with the “One Belt One Road” initiative, undoubtedly helps it achieve growth brought about by the economic strategies of neighboring countries. The natural resources such as gas, oil, timber and precious stones, coupled with the majority population of working age and low labor cost, enable Myanmar to be a country of choice for diversified commercial investments. The abundant and competitive labor force in Myanmar will surely be a motivation of the forthcoming progression of the country. Political stability is reassured with the introduction of general elections in late 2015, which definitely generates a fresh wave of investor optimism, giving hopes of increased economic stability subsequent to the smooth transition of the government in early 2016 and the years ahead.

As a matter of fact, quite a number of multinational corporations and foreign enterprises have already commenced their business operation in Myanmar in recent years and more are expected to come. As Myanmar continues to reintegrate with the global economy, continued reforms as well as the opening of more economic sectors to foreign investors will help unlock the country’s potential.

Golden Glory Group is set to benefit from the aforesaid favorable situation and promising outlook, shouldering a mission of contributing to the economic and industrial developments of Myanmar through various infrastructure-related projects. Our two major projects in the pipeline include Polo Club (Asia) Residence, an integrated development occupying approximately 390,000 sq. ft. of land with a total floor area of 4.6 million sq. ft. in Yangon for residential, commercial and hospitality uses, and an industrial township occupying a total land area of 1,900 acres (approximately 7.68 km2) in the proximity of Naypyidaw, the capital of Myanmar.

We have engaged world-renowned experts in our projects, with a vision of paving the way for more multinational corporations to explore business opportunities within Myanmar. It also demonstrates our determination of producing high quality developments of international standards that will benefit our customers as well as Myanmar’s infrastructure developments. On the other hand, it is expected that our two projects will create job opportunities for over a hundred thousand people locally.

Looking ahead, the business environment of Myanmar will see unprecedented advancement and the fast growth of various fronts will bring along ample opportunities for local companies and foreign investors. With over 20 years of experience of doing manufacturing and property businesses in Myanmar, I can assure you that it is the opportune time for Myanmar to upspring and become one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

Dr. Khin Maung Aye
Golden Glory Group